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Newforma Info Exchange is a web server application that facilitates sharing project information easily with the entire project team. It enables you to access, upload, and download project files through Info Exchange folders, send and view RFIs and submittals, view action items, access the project timeline, and communicate with other project team members, all from your web browser.

Information that appears on the Info Exchange website is created by project team members using Newforma Project Center. You can communicate with the internal project team members (Project center users) within your firm, or external team members (non-Project Center users) who also work on the project.

Action Items

Action items that have been assigned to you by a Project Center user appear in the Action Items page. If you are a Project Center user, all actions items for the project are listed. The Status column shows the current status for your action item. You can click the subject to view the action item. If you would like to send a message to the assigner, click Send Email and complete the form.


Common Questions

Common Questions are available for each Info Exchange page. Video tutorials are also available containing information on how to use Info Exchange.  


File Transfers

The main feature and benefit of Info Exchange is the ability to transfer files to share them with other project team members. To transfer a file, click File Transfers > Send a File Transfer to open the Send a File Transfer page. Click File Transfers > File Transfer Log to open the File Transfer Log to view the file transfers for the project. You can click a subject to view the file transfer you sent (if you were the originator) or received.


Info Exchange Folders

Info Exchange folders are folders containing project files that have been uploaded by a Project Center team member to share with other team members. Once an Info Exchange folder has been uploaded, you can download its files, or if the team member gave you permission, you can upload additional files to it (the uploaded files appear in the Info Exchange Folders page). To view the contents of an Info Exchange folder, click the Info Exchange Folders task. In the Info Exchange Folders page, click the subject to open it. You can download all contents or selected contents and view the history of the folder by clicking the History tab.


Info Exchange Home

The Info Exchange Home page appears when you first log into Info Exchange. The Quick Transfer section enables you to quickly send a file transfer, RFI, or submittal to project team members. Click a name from the Projects section to open the Project Site page for the project you want to work with. Once you open a project, you can easily change projects using the Current Project drop down list in the Toolbar.


Project Calendar

Some projects may have a project calendar. The information in the project calendar comes from Project Center's Project Timeline activity center (the calendar will appear only if the project timeline is uploaded from Project Center). Click the Project Calendar task to open the Project Calendar page to view the calendar.


Project Description

Click the Project Description task to open the Project Description page, which shows the project name, number, description, phase, project manager, client, and address.


Project Email

Click the Project Email task to open the Project Email page, which lists the project email messages that were either sent by you, to you, or all email messages for the current Project Center project.


Project Site

After you select a project from the Info Exchange Home page, or click Project Site from the Tasks panel, your open items and pending items for that particular project appear in the Project Site page.


Project Team

Click the Project Team task to open the Project Team page to view the list of project team members on the current project. You can send a message to a team member by clicking an address link, completing the form, and clicking Send.


Public Transfer Log

The Public Transfers page lists file transfers that have been sent by users using the anonymous login.



You can view RFIs on which you are listed as the to or from contact, as well as send RFIs.

The following are the RFI status options:



You can view submittals on which you are listed as the to or from contact, as well as send submittals.

The following are the submittal action types:


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