How to Take Pictures on a Tablet                                                                       Table of Contents

Newforma Punch List uses media files to provide more information for Punch List items. Use the Media options in Newforma Punch List to manage the process for taking pictures on the device for use as Supporting Documents in the Punch List item.

To take pictures using the camera on a tablet

1        In Punch List, select a punch list item.

2        Tap the Supporting Docs tab.

3        Use the media buttons to take a picture, video, or capture audio.


4        Tap the camera icon. The native camera application on the device will open.

5        Take the picture. When you save the picture, it is added to the Punch List. If you are adding a new Punch List item, the picture is added to the Media tab. If you are adding the picture to an existing Punch List item, it is stored in the Supporting Docs tab.

NotesIcon-med.jpg Note: Refer to your device documentation for more information on capturing media files.