Welcome to Newforma SmartUse Version 4

Welcome to SmartUse, an innovative, touch-friendly mobile app for viewing, marking up, auto-linking, and distributing current PDF drawing sets and other construction documents. It works on Windows 10 and 8 touch-screen devices, Windows 7, and iPads, as well as large screens driven by the Windows 8 operating system.

The SmartUse app enables dramatically more effective project team collaboration. Team members can gather around a device at the construction site and discuss changes, problems, and ideas with the plans right in front of them. As the team marks up the plans on the screen, the changes appear on devices in the field and on computer screens in remote offices in real-time.

How SmartUse improves project delivery

In addition to improving quality by improving the team’s understanding of client requirements, the SmartUse app saves you time in many ways:

        It automatically pulls current documents from cloud storage.

        It reduces the latency of communications among stakeholders.

        It shortens the duration of meetings.

        It eliminates the need to manually link documents to one another; the software automatically links a drawing’s details to the sheets on which those details appear, enabling the team to pull up multiple referenced drawings.

        It is also a great way to save paper and printing costs.

        Let's get started:


Getting Started

Using SmartUse


Windows 7 users: Please be aware that version 42 and higher of the Google Chrome browser no longer supports SmartUse. Please use a different browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.



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