Spatial Index Log

This page lists information about the spaces that are part of the spatial index for the current Project Center project. Click the subject of a space to view its details. External and internal (Project Center) users see the same information unless otherwise noted.

Spatial Index categories

Use the Spatial Index drop-down list to filter the list of spaces by category. The categories are as follows:


This category lists all spaces in the spatial index for this project.


This category lists all spaces that have been synced with Autodesk Revit.

Not Linked

This category lists all spaces that are not synced with Autodesk Revit.

Space Type

Select this category to list only space types.



System Type

The keyword used to describe a functional category.


The number of the space.


The name of the space or space type.

Related Items

Displays icons for any project items related to the selected item. Click in the column to access the Related Items popup window, shown below. Select the hyperlink for a related item to view its details.

Space Type

The keyword used to describe an ad hoc collection of spaces.

Team Members

Team members associated with the space.


Any keywords associated with the space or space type.

Supporting Documents

Displays the number of supporting documents associated with the item. Internal users can access all supporting documents. External users can only access supporting documents that have been shared with external users.

There are two possible icons that may appear in the field:

192-download-attached-files.png Attached Files

Select to view the list of files attached as supporting documents. Select the link for a file to view it in the Newforma Web Viewer. If the filename is not a hyperlink, select the icon to open or save the file locally.

Upload Supporting Documents

Use this area to add supporting documents to the item.

This option is only available for internal (Project Center) users.

Add Files

Select to open the Choose File to Upload dialog box and select a file.

You can select multiple files using standard Windows Shift and Ctrl selection techniques.

Remove All Files

Select to remove all files selected for upload.

Drag-and-Drop Files Here

Drag and drop files directly from Windows to add them to the list of files to upload.

This option is only available if your browser supports the functionality.


Select to upload the files to the Supporting Documents field.

 188-expired.pngRequest Expired Files

Select the image to send a request to the owner to repost the files. This occurs when the transfer item has expired.


The Tasks drop-down list displays available tasks that can be performed for the space. The contents of the Tasks list varies depending on your permissions for the specific space. Select a task from the list as needed.

Additional fields

The following fields can be added to the Spatial Index log by clicking the Show/Hide Columns button to access the Field Chooser.


The name of the area. The area is the section of a space that has been synced from Autodesk Revit. If the space is not synced, it will always be zero.

If extended properties were added in the Project Center Spatial Index activity center, they will appear as additional columns in the Field Chooser. There could be many additional columns, depending on how many have been added.


Log Page Tools

The following tools are available in the Spatial Index log toolbar. For more information, refer to Log Page Tools.


Select to export the items in this log.

Show/Hide Column Filters

Select  to toggle on/off the column filters.

Show/Hide Group By Panel

Select  to toggle on/off the group by panel.

Show/Hide Columns

Select  to access Drag to Change Columns to add or remove columns from the log grid.


To access this page

From the toolbar, click View > Building Information Management > Spatial Index.

If the spatial index is not available to you, see Make a Project Center Project and Its Activity Centers Available on Info Exchange.


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