Add Contact Dialog Box

Use this dialog box a new contact in the Contacts log in Info Exchange.

Only Project Center users with a Content Administrator license can create new contacts.


The name of the contact as it appears throughout Info Exchange.

Email Address

The email address assigned to the contact. Once the contact is saved, the email address becomes a live link. Project team members can click the email address throughout Info Exchange to send the contact an email message.


Contact Information tab


The name of the company assigned to the contact.

Office Location

The company location assigned to the contact. Location is often used when the company has multiple sites.

Use Office Address Checkbox

Mark this checkbox to automatically complete the address using the stored address for the company and office location selected.


Select the country from the drop-down list.


Manually enter the complete address including city and state in the Address field.

Extract Address Into City, State, and Postal Code

Once you enter the complete address in the Address field, click the Extract address into city, state, and postal code link to populate the remaining fields.

When you use the Extract address into city, state, and postal code option to enter the address, use commas as delimiters for the best results.


Enter the contact's city.


Select the state or province.

Zip/Postal Code

Enter the contact's zip code or postal code.

Address Type

Assign a type to better describe the address. Options are  Mailing, Office, Job Site.

Job Title

Enter a descriptive job title for the contact.  


Enter a department to which the contact is assigned.


Select a discipline from the drop-down list to assign to the contact. Multiple disciplines may be assigned.


Select a role from the drop-down list to assign to the contact. Multiple roles may be assigned.


Enter the corresponding numbers for the contact.

Show in Contact Lists

Choose Yes to show the contact in contact lists throughout Info Exchange.

Choose No to prevent the contact from being listed in contact lists throughout Info Exchange.


The source of the contact. When creating a new contact, the source is automatically set to Manual.


Comments Tab

Enter any comments about the contact. Once a comment is saved, it cannot be modified.

Users with a Content Administrator license can add new comments.


The date the comments were added.


The creator of the comments.


Any comments/remarks added to the contact.

Related To

The project name for which the comments were added to the contact.

Add Comment

Click to open the Comment dialog box to enter a comment for the contact.


Notes Tab

Add any additional text or images that are important for your contact information.


Custom Fields tab

This tab displays any custom fields created by the administrator for contacts. Fill in the field information as needed.



Click Save to save the contact and add it to the Contacts log.



To access this page

You may access this dialog from the following:

        Click Add Contact in the Add Team Members dialog box.

        Click Add Contact from the Contacts log.

        Click Add Contact when creating new project items throughout Info Exchange.



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