Close Open Items

Use the following guidelines to close project items in Info Exchange.

To close action items

From the Action Items log, select the icon next to the appropriate action item. Make any necessary updates, then change the status of the action item to Completed. To send a notifying email message to the contacts associated with the action item, mark the Send Change Notification Email checkbox, then select Save and Close. For additional details, please see Close an Action Item.

You must be part of a permission set that allows you to close action items.

To close contract management items

For contract management overview items (i.e., addendums, submittals, RFIs, etc.), open the appropriate Contract Management Action page (such as the Submittal Action page for a submittal under review or the RFI Action page for an assigned RFI), then select Send Response to open the corresponding contract management response page (such as the Send Submittal Response page or the Send RFI Response page). Fill in the required information, then select Send Response.

An internal user must then download the contract management item response and close it in Project Center. You cannot directly close contract management items from Info Exchange.



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