Download a Record Document Package

Perform the following steps to download a record document package.

You can only download issued packages. Draft packages cannot be downloaded.

To download a record document package

1.     If you are not already there, go to the Record Document Packages log by selecting View > Files and Documents > Document Control or Record Documents from the menu bar. Select the Packages tab, shown here:

2.     Select the icon next to the package name to open or save the contents of the package locally. The latest issue is downloaded.

The contents are saved as a .zip file to the location you select.

To download the contents of a previous issue, select the package name to open the Record Document Package page. Select the Issue History tab and select the download icon for the issue you want to download.

Depending on how the package was issued, it may be possible to download partial contents. Please see Download Partial Contents of a Record Document Package for more information.


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