Forward or Respond to an Email Message

Internal project team members can forward or respond to an email message to other project team members from Info Exchange.

To forward or respond to an email message

1.     From the Info Exchange Home page select the My Projects tab open the appropriate Project Center project.

Internal users can select projects from the All Projects tab.

2.     From the View drop-down in the toolbar, select Project Email to open the Project Email page.

3.     Select the subject of the email message you want to forward or respond to to open it in the Email Message page.

4.     Select Copy to My Mailbox. The message is copied to the Newforma -  Copied Messages folder in your email application.

5.     In your email application, go to the Newforma - Copied Messages folder and open the email message from the folder. Forward or respond to the email message just as you would  any other email message in your mailbox.


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