Enable External Users to Mark Up Drawings Using the Newforma Web Viewer

Use the Newforma Web Viewer to mark up image files on Info Exchange. When you add image files to your project items, external users can open the files through the Newforma Web Viewer, adding important notes and project information.

The web viewer does not directly support drawing files.

To enable your external project team members to work with drawings using the Newforma Web Viewer, follow these steps:

To mark up drawing files in the web viewer

1.     In Project Center, open the image or drawing file that you wish to mark up.

2.     Capture the image using a tool such as the Newforma Snapshot Tool (available with Newforma Project Center) or another application that can create PDF files. Save the file as a PDF to preserve any text capabilities such as text selection or search.

3.     Add the newly created PDF file to the project item in Project Center or Info Exchange.


Once the drawing is converted to a PDF file, external viewers can open the PDF file in the Newforma Web Viewer and complete the  required markup.


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