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This index is an alphabetical listing of all available Info Exchange video tutorials. For a listing of videos by category, please see the Video Tutorials page.

Videos are only available in English.

        Add/View/Edit Action Items (Duration 3m:59s)

        Basic Markups (Duration 5m:24s)

        Collaborating on Markups (Duration 4m:48s)

        Document Sets (Duration 5m:09s)

        External User: Action Items (Duration 5m:05s)

        External User: Log in and Send a File Transfer (Duration 4m:45s)

        External User: Receive a File Transfer (Duration 3m:26s)

        External User: Respond to Submittal/RFI (Duration 5m:13s)

        External User: Send Submittal/RFI (Duration 4m:06s)

        Internal User: Sending a File Transfer Using the Info Exchange Activity Center (Duration 6m:07s)

        Internal User: Sending and Receiving Personal Transfer (Duration 5m:09s)

        Saving Markups (Duration 4m:07s)


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