Formatting Toolbar                                                                                                

Use the formatting toolbar, as shown here, to enhance the text in fields where rich text is allowed.


The formatting toolbar provides many recognizable options for enhancing text including:

        Bold face




        Font face

        Font size

        Font color



        Text alignment

        Indenting text


In addition to these familiar formatting options, the following  tools are also available:

Insert Tables

Click  to open the Insert Table dialog box and set the table properties.

Insert Links

Click to open the Insert Link dialog box and insert a URL or email address link.

Paste from Word

Click to open the Paste from Word dialog box. Use this feature to remove any formatting from Microsoft Word prior to pasting.

Spell Check  

Click to spell check your text. If an error is detected, the Check Spelling dialog box appears and provides you with several common spell check options.

Click the Options button in the Check Spelling dialog box to open the Spelling Options dialog box to set additional spell check parameters.  



To access the formatting toolbar

The formatting toolbar is available in dialog boxes and pages throughout Info Exchange.


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