Create a Newforma ID

Perform the following steps to create a Newforma ID.

To create a Newforma ID

1       In your browser, navigate to the website, or click Newforma ID from the Sign in to Newforma Info Exchange dialog box, shown here:

2       The My.Newforma page opens and displays a sign in page, shown here. Click Create Your Newforma ID.

3       Enter your email address, first and last name as shown below.

4       After reviewing the terms and conditions, select the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox, then click Sign Up For Free. A confirmation message, shown here, displays to verify that an account was created and an email with your password information is sent to your account.

You can also create a Newforma ID when you first launch one of the Newforma Mobile Apps. Click Create a Newforma ID from the mobile app login screen to begin. For more information on creating a Newforma ID from a mobile app, please see Get Started with Mobile Apps.

To login using Newforma ID

Once you have your login information, you can log in using your Newforma ID.

1       Click the link in the email that includes your login information to log in, shown below. If you already have a Newforma ID, go to and click Sign In to sign in using your existing credentials.

Passwords are case-sensitive.

2       Once you are logged in with Newforma ID, you can search for companies whose projects you want to view on Info Exchange. Please refer to the Add a Connection to Newforma ID topic for more information.


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