Modify Permission Definition dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure which items for the currently selected activity center to show on Info Exchange. The settings are applied to the permission set currently selected in the Project Center Administration Activity Center Permission Sets tab The permission set can then be applied to project team members using the Modify Project Team Member dialog box.

Item name

The name of the item that was selected.


Visibility settings apply to action items lists for projects and users connected via Newforma to Newforma.

Do Not Show Any

Select this option to prevent all items from the activity center from being shown on Info Exchange.

Show Only Items Team Member is On

Select this option to show only the items on which the project team member is included.

Show All Items Team Member's Company is On

Select this option to show all items on which any members of the project team member's company are included. It is based on the company that is assigned to the contacts (which for internal Project Center users is the company assigned to the users' profiles.)

Show All

Select this option to show all items from the selected activity center on Info Exchange.

Hide Workflow Details User Was Not Part of

If Show All is selected, you can mark this checkbox to hide subject links and workflow links, such as forwarded file and date links, from the team member it is applied to (unless the team member's name is on it). The other information will still be displayed.

The hide workflow details option only applies to addendums, bulletins, change order proposals, change orders, construction change directives, contracts, proposal requests, RFIs, submittals, and supplemental instructions.


Edit Permissions

The options in this section apply only to action items, daily reports, field notes, markup sessions, and site visits.

Create : Create or Submit New Items

Mark this checkbox to allow users to create new items of the type selected.

Edit: Edit Assigned Items Only

Mark this checkbox to allow users to edit items of the type selected.

Close: Edit and Close Assigned Items

Mark this checkbox to allow users to edit and close items of the type selected.

Admin: Create, Edit, Close, and Delete Any Item

Mark this checkbox to give users full administration rights to items of the type selected.


To access this dialog box

Select the activity center you want to set permissions for, then click Modify from the Modify Permission Definitions for Set dialog box.


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