View Personal Transfers dialog box

Use this dialog box to see a list of the file transfers you sent and received via Info Exchange using the legacy Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook that are not related to a Project Center project. You can right-click on a transfer to download files, copy them to a project, or delete the transfer.


The transfer's type (received, outgoing, etc.)


The date the transfer made.


Who sent the transfer.


The subject of the file transfer.


The contact the file transfer was sent to.


Anyone else included in the file transfer.

Downloaded by

The contact who downloaded the file transfer.

Not Downloaded by (External Only)

Any external project team members who have not downloaded the file transfer.


The date the file transfer expires.


The size, in KB, of the file transfer.

Change Log tab

The tab lists the actions taken on the file transfer and when the actions were taken.


Remarks tab

This tab includes any remarks entered about the file transfer.


Transferred Files tab

This tab lists all of the files included in the transfer, as well as information about each file.


To access this dialog box

Click File Transfers > View Personal Transfers from the legacy Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook Toolbar.


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