What Happens When a User Logs in for the First Time

When a user logs into Project Center for the first time, the following important three events occur:

  1. A Project Center user is created based on the user's Windows Login information.

  2. The user is prompted for contact information and a Project Center contact is created if not already present. (This may come from Active Directory and/or the Global Address List.)

  3. The contact created in step 2 is linked to the Project Center user in step 1. This is how Project Center populates the Name and Email Address columns in the Project Center Administration Activity Center Project Center Users tab. The next time the user starts either Project Center, the Newforma Viewer, or the legacy Project Center Add-in for Microsoft Outlook, Project Center uses this link to go from the user's Windows login to the contact information.

For example, in a non-Active Directory environment, there is no way for Project Center to automatically associate users to their email addresses (and thus their global contact information). It’s possible in this environment for users to enter an incorrect email addresses and associate themselves with the wrong contact in global data. A Project Center administrator could fix this by re-merging them to the correct contacts.


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