Add a Text Exclusion dialog box

Use this dialog box to configure exclusions to determine whether a text file should be excluded from being indexed by the Newforma Work Service. For example, a log file from an application may contain large amounts of irrelevant text. You can use this dialog box to exclude the file from being indexed.

Regular Expression to Match Against

Enter the expression used to identify the type of text file that you want to exclude. If the regular expression matches a line in the file, the file will be excluded. Refer to the following website to learn more about regular expressions:

Attempt to Match This Many Lines at the Beginning of the File

Enter the number of lines at the beginning of the file you want to match the regular expression against. After the number of lines is reached, the rest of the file will not be checked for exclusions.


To access this dialog box

Select a Work Service, and then click Add from the Filter tab of the Project Center Administration Activity Center Servers tab.


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