Define an SMTP Relay dialog box

Use this dialog box to select the project email mailbox that you want to be serviced by the Info Exchange SMTP relay service for project email addressing. The SMTP service will begin relaying email messages for the given domain(s) to the selected mailbox as defined by the mailbox configuration.

Project Email Mailbox

The SMTP address of the project email mailbox.

Email Domains

The email domain name (the name that follows the @ sign in the project's email address).

Required Prefixes

Prefixes required to be added to the beginning of the project email address.

Mail Server

The corporate email server on which you created the mailbox.

Forwarding Accounts

SMTP Server Name

Enter the name of the outgoing SMTP mail server.

Security Type

Select the type of secure connection to use. The default is None. Select SSL or TLS if your mail server uses one of those two options.


Specify the port number the mail server uses for the connection specified in the Security Type field.

Authenticate with the Mail Server When Relaying Messages

Mark this checkbox if the mail server requires relays to authenticate with the mail server.

Account Setup

Use this section to define a list of accounts used to forward email messages from the SMTP Relay to the project email mailbox selected above. Define multiple accounts if your email accounts have sending limits (for example, Office 365). If not, only one account is needed.

Email Address

The email address of the forwarding account. Click Add to add a new one.

User Name

The name used to authenticate the forwarding account.


Click to open the Add Email Account dialog box to add a new forwarding account.


Click to open the Modify Email Account dialog box to modify the selected forwarding account.


Click to remove the selected forwarding account.


To access this dialog box

Select an Info Exchange Server, then click Add from the SMTP Relay tab of the Project Center Administration Activity Center Servers tab.


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