Supplemental Instructions Overview

AKA Architectural Supplemental Instructions (ASI).

Supplemental instructions are formal notifications used by architects to issue additional instructions or to order minor changes in the project. They are intended to assist the architects in performing their obligations as interpreters of the contract documents in accordance with the owner-architect agreement and the general conditions.

After the detail design is complete and a contract is awarded for the project, changes may occur that affect the project drawings and specifications. If the document change does not change the contract sum or the contract time, a supplemental instruction is issued. Changes to the contract drawings may be a result of:

  • RFIs;

  • Owner’s request;

  • Value engineering;

  • Recognition of error/omission;

  • Reviewing agency request;

  • Changed conditions;

  • Request for substitution.

The recipient of the supplemental instructions may reject the proposed change (if the change affects schedule or cost) and indicate a change order proposal is needed.


When to Issue an Architect’s Supplemental Instructions (ASI)

Some common reasons to issue an ASI:

Discrepancies between drawings, specifications, or addendums

Relocation of Materials (such as fixtures, casework, so forth and so on)

Revising Items already listed in the contract documents before the receipt of bids (such as paint color selections from a price group already listed in the specifications).


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